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Short Fiction ‘The Truth’ published by Woman’s Way magazine 07/02/17


The thoughts had started in my mind before spreading through my whole body. Skin, bone, arteries, fingernails. He’s cheating on me. He’s cheating on me. I know it. I know it. It wasn’t such an illogical thought to possess. The phone calls and text messages had become shorter and more sporadic. He was all of a sudden “too busy” to talk when it was only a few months ago that it had been me trying to get him off the phone and motivate him to maybe join a club to occupy his arduous, lonely evenings without me. Ever since he’d started that new job, the one I’d encouraged him to take, he’d changed. He had taken up running. He was going out mid week for drinks and talking fervently about his new friends, many of whom tended to be female. He had been name dropping one girl in particular, Denise. I’d restrained the jealousy inside. Maybe it was my fault? I was the one who had taken the job in Dublin, the job that had consumed all my free time during the week leaving me no choice but to move up. Still, being two hours away didn’t constitute much of a long distance relationship and I had made the effort every weekend to travel home and see him. Continue reading “Short Fiction ‘The Truth’ published by Woman’s Way magazine 07/02/17”

Royal Carribean Cruise Travel Article published in U Magazine September 2014

image.jpegThink a cruise holiday is just for the newly weds and nearly deads? Think again! My boyfriend and I flew in to Barcelona to pick up Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas ship. The vast size of the ship shocked me as we approached. From the minute we stepped on to the platform to board to the minute we stepped off again, the service we received was exceptional. Staff couldn’t have been any more helpful if they tried. If you looked even minutely unhappy, it seemed as though a member of staff would levitate from the walls to see if they could do anything to help. Our cabin, although small was cleaned every time our feet left the room. We would return to discover that our attendant had made the bed, skilfully constructed an animal out of our towels and even folded my bras that may have been accidentally strewn across the floor. The food on board was all included in the price. Don’t be mistaken however that this would mean getting served up slop. The food was simply to die for. In the formal restaurant Reflections, you can enjoy a Michelin standard four course meal every evening. Some nights the Captain dines there too and you’re encouraged to dress up smart which made me feel very posh, like Rose at the beginning of Titanic. Every night, the menu in the restaurant changed and boasted a different theme. We were blown away by the tantalising flavours and elegant presentation of the dishes. We tried everything from lobster to octopus to rabbit. One night I ordered the most beautiful lamb which slid effortlessly off the bone. The waiter informed us that the lamb had been marinated for 12 hours before being slow cooked in a tagine for 6 hours. They take their cooking seriously!

You can enjoy fine food like this all day every day on the ship. The Windjammer café is a self-service restaurant which serves food from all around the world all day long. I’m ashamed to say that some nights immediately after devouring four courses in the formal restaurant I would head there for an extra helping of dessert!

You can never be bored on board. The list of things to do is endless. You can spend a few dollars in the casino or shops, relish in a bit of rock climbing, play a round of mini golf overlooking the sea, watch a movie in the cinema, pump some iron in the gym as you watch the waves lapping before you, catch a broad way style show in the theatre, party in the many bars or go for a late night swim in the pool. My favourite hobby was having a glass of wine out on deck whilst watching the sun strike the sky red before going down for the night.

The ship docked at 7 different ports. We got off at every one but you don’t have to. You can stay on board and eat ice cream all day if you want! We visited Monaco, Rome, Pisa, the Amalfi Coast, Dubrovnik, Venice and Ravenna. Getting to see so many beautiful places without having to re pack your suitcase was amazing. The highlight of the trip was taking a boat ride along the Amalfi coast to the colourful village of Positano which hangs delicately on to the cheek of the Italian cliffs as though someone built it in a dream. It was the best holiday of my life!