Short fiction published by Cold Coffee Stand Journal.



Short Fiction ‘The Truth’ published by Woman’s Way magazine 07/02/17


The thoughts had started in my mind before spreading through my whole body. Skin, bone, arteries, fingernails. He’s cheating on me. He’s cheating on me. I know it. I know it. It wasn’t such an illogical thought to possess. The phone calls and text messages had become shorter and more sporadic. He was all of a sudden “too busy” to talk when it was only a few months ago that it had been me trying to get him off the phone and motivate him to maybe join a club to occupy his arduous, lonely evenings without me. Ever since he’d started that new job, the one I’d encouraged him to take, he’d changed. He had taken up running. He was going out mid week for drinks and talking fervently about his new friends, many of whom tended to be female. He had been name dropping one girl in particular, Denise. I’d restrained the jealousy inside. Maybe it was my fault? I was the one who had taken the job in Dublin, the job that had consumed all my free time during the week leaving me no choice but to move up. Still, being two hours away didn’t constitute much of a long distance relationship and I had made the effort every weekend to travel home and see him. Continue reading “Short Fiction ‘The Truth’ published by Woman’s Way magazine 07/02/17”